The value of Lot Madeleine’s work is not found in the amount of words she uses. Through a precise process she elevates her quotes into seemingly simple, but always intelligently layered constructs, wherein each word becomes an invaluable building block.Based on the idea that you always need a spectator to achieve an interpretation, Lot ’s expressions instigate an unexpected interaction. In an ongoing process where the public space and a variety of objects serve as a canvas for her craft. 


♦ Published her first book. CORRECT ME – I’M WRONG♦

Collaboration with Bugaboo♦

♦Collaboration with Love Stories  http://bit.ly/2qcCBBC

Collaboration with Libbey Europe

♦ – Freelance Graphic Designer (contact for portfolio) ♦

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I work’d with/for

2011 – 2017

SCOTCH & SODA – Freelance Graphic Design ♦

 BUUTVRIJ – Newstagram Project ♦

♦ SIR ALBERT Hotel – Window Painting, Wall Painting ♦ 

♦ Scotch and Soda – Maison Scotch – Freelance Graphic Designer ♦

♦ Vans EUROPE Customized Vans ♦

The Heartvertising Project 2014 by Kokoro Amsterdam ♦

Mister and Mississippi (Band shirt) ♦

&Samhoud Places  – Live paint ♦

Dom Perignon – Live Paint♦ 

Converse All Star – Customized ♦

Spaces The Hague – Wall paint ♦

 ♦ THINGS I LIKE THINGS I LOVE -corporate identity ♦

Blue Blood, Amsterdam- Graphic Design ♦

Parade (theatre “Ik hou het hier niet meer uit”) ♦ 

Maison Rika – Window Paint♦  

♦ Workshop at AMC (hospital) ♦

♦Lectures at Stenden Hogeschool Leeuwarden

♦ Smirnoff ♦

 ♦ Absolut Vodka – Graphic Design ♦

♦ Zanillya Farell– Graphic Design ♦

 Nationaal Toneel, The Hague- Wall Paint ♦

BTW nummer NL153454520-B01-

KvK nummer 52263282