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‘Correct Me – I’m Wrong’ is the debute ofAmsterdam based multidisciplinary artist and writer Lot Madeleine. Her writings have sparked over various products and campaigns in recent years. Correct me – I’m wrong shows a selection of layered quotes. Publisher Rorschach combines the quotes in a black book designed by Lot Madeleine.

Correct me – I’m wrong 

The value of Lot Madeleine’s work is not found in the amount of words she uses. Through a precise process she elevates her quotes into seemingly simple, but always intelligently layered constructs, wherein each word becomes an invaluable building block. Based on the idea that you always need a spectator to achieve an interpretation, Lot’s expressions instigate an unexpected interaction. In an ongoing process where the public space and a variety of objects serve as a canvas for her craft, this is the first time her quirky observations have been compiled for publication. In Correct Me, I’m Wrong Lot Madeleine embraces the challenges of a postmodern existence in a metropolitan environment. Her quotes appear as fragments from an ongoing internal dialogue, where she reflects on her direct surroundings without any expectations. This is how she bends her reality into a language that invites us into her universe.

“Correct me – I’m wrong”


55 quotes – by Lot Madeleine